Support Services for Vulnerable People in Walsall

One Walsall (Walsall’s Voluntary Sector Organisation) has put in put in place a number of support services for vulnerable people. Please see the list below:

  • 1-1 Isolation calls – currently ringing over 65’s to ensure that they’re safe, well and have access to support to meet their needs during the lockdown. If they don’t, a referral is made to a suitable service; e.g. making connections.
  • Telephone support for 12 weeks healthy lifestyle programme – This programme is ideal for those who would like to lose weight, or wants dietary support or even some motivation to kick start a healthy lifestyle.
  • Family support – Super Wiggles Families eam are supporting families free over a 6 week period. Each week they will focus on a particular topic in order to support a family during lockdown (for example mother and child) the child must be aged 2-7. Again, this focuses on healthy eating, routine and exercise.
  • Workplace support – The Workplace Team are offering support to businesses offering a range of support. For example, leading them back to the 12 weeks programme for individuals. Also, offering zoom workshops on ‘Emotional Wellbeing’ ‘Stress’ ‘Healthy Eating.
  • Stop smoking support – Stop smoking referral for anyone who wants to cut down or quit smoking. One Walsall works with two providers in the Walsall area who are currently delivering telephone appointments and clients are having, for example, patches delivered.
  • Zoom exercise -The One Walsall Team have conducted a range of videos that can be delivered over an app called Zoom. We can either send this to individuals or put together a virtual workshop.

All support services can be accessed via 01922 444044.