All consultations are by appointment only. You can request an appointment via telephone by calling Alvaston Medical Centre on 01332 755990 or by using online services. Our receptionists are trained to ask you a series of questions in order to determine who with and when your appointment should be booked.

  • We offer some same day urgent appointments for minor ailments which can be booked on the day from 8am. You will be offered the most appropriate clinician and appointment for the symptoms you describe.
  • Pre-bookable face to face and telephone appointments are available with the GPs for routine or long standing medical conditions and non-urgent queries. You can also pre-book appointments with our Nurses for routine reviews and our HCAs for treatment room care.
  • Telephone appointments are offered for patients with problems/queries which can be discussed with a GP over the telephone. This allows us to provide an increased number of appointments for our patients.
  • Online appointments are available and released daily for all of our patients who are registered for online services

The Hub

We have recently been able to offer our patients appointments at our hub clinics as part of Derby City South Healthcare. The appointment times are out of hours between 18:00 and 20:00 every weekday evening as well as Saturday and Sunday morning. These appointments may be more convenient if you struggle to attend appointments during normal surgery opening hours. Hub appointments are for new and acute problems only, not for long term or on-going issues. To book an appointment at one of our hub clinics, please contact us when the practice is open from 8am. Weekday appointments are available to book on the day. We are able to pre-book weekend appointments.

10 Minute Rule

Please be advised that if you are 10 or more minutes late in attending your appointment, you may be required to rebook.

Aston Surgery

The branch surgery at Aston is open between 08:00 & 11:30, Monday to Friday. Consultations are by appointment and are allocated in the same way as Alvaston Surgery. We now also offer a number of Practice Nurse appointments at Aston surgery.

Why Might It Be Difficult To Get an Appointment

Dr Wong’s The State of General Practice leaflet is an interesting read arout the current pressure on GP practices, nationally.

The surgery is increasingly busy, especially during the winter months so please make sure you attend your appointment.  It costs £102.75 each time you miss an appointment at your GP practice. If you cancel your appointment we can offer it to a patient who may really benefit from it. See our DNA Policy for more information on what happens if you fail to attend your appointment.


Dial 999 or present at A&E.

Call 111 if the problem is URGENT but does not require an Ambulance.