To better manage your health and to boost your sense of wellbeing, have you considered using Web resources or a health app on your smartphone, on your tablet device, or on your computer? There is evidence that health apps and health websites can be beneficial

The links below are intended to provide some initial ideas for information and we sincerely hope this service is useful in helping you to explore options and make your own informed decision about ‘what works best for me’.  Please do feedback so we can improve the listings on this webpage

Setting Goals for Your Health

People who set our written goals and who share these are more likely to be successful in achieving them. View The Health Benefits of Writing About Life Goals to learn more.

The Health Pledge allows you to set out and share your own health goals, suggests ideas for ‘small steps’ to get you started and, through reading the health pledges of others, offers a great source of motivation

Making Plans for Your Health

Having set your goals, Health& is an innovative app which helps you to make and adhere to your plans, boosting the chances of improving your health and giving us better information to help you and your doctor

Please see this video for further details:

Download Health& for free from the app store for your tablet computer or smartphone

Websites for Smartphone Apps:

This site provides details of NHS accredited health apps

This site reviews apps which have been ranked highly by patients

Web-Based Support for Health and Wellness:

Health Exchange offers a variety of tools to help manage your mental and physical wellbeing

Patient Memoirs – How Did You Overcome Your Illness? A UK portal for sharing patient experiences via uploaded videos

Patients Like Me is a USA portal which allows you to read about the experiences of others and share experiences

Healthdirect Australia app

You can use the healthdirect app to:

  • check your symptoms
  • find a health service
  • get trusted health information

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