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Non - NHS Service Fees

As you are aware, most of the servcices we provide as General Practice are free of charge under the NHS. 

However, the NHS does not include the following services beloe for which there is a private charge as specified below. This is not a comprehensive list, the other services can be provided on request.


If you wish to understand more about why GPs charge fees please visit:

Why does my doctor charge fees?


We are registered for VAT and some of our services are subject to VAT

Service Fee
Adoption and Fostering (AH) £125.00
Adoption Update (AH2) £60.00
To Whom It May Concern letter £50.00 upwards depending on complexity plus VAT where applicable.
Firearms Form £100.00
HGV/PSV/LSG/Taxi Medicals £125.00
Pre employment medical With report £150.00
Holiday Insurance claim form £75.00

Medical Reports

Price on application depending on complexity.